Our History

We first started Shades of Green back in 2001 as a gift and home décor store. As the years passed we evolved into much more than a gift and home décor store. We expanded into more apparel, shoes, jewelry, and corky gifts. In 2011 we expanded and added another store location in the heart of downtown Rochester, MN called “99 Giggles”. You may ask… how in the world did you come up with “99 Giggles? 9’s were luck in the owners lives, they were married 9/9/89, had their current store at the time for the past 9 years, and not to mention 9’s are considered good luck in the Chinese culture. With our e-commerce site we choose to merge both stores into one shopping experience so you’re able to choose from a wide range of products.

Our Mission

Our mission at Shades of Green is to offer our customers the most unique and ultimate shopping experience. We strive hard in finding the latest trends by attending to numerous markets around the country which makes us known for the most unique gifts & apparel. Furthermore, our employees are responsive and very knowledgeable of the variety of brands carried in our stores and are willing to assist our customers to help create that ultimate shopping experience.